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Donations will go directly to where money is needed most. We appreciate any donation so much, with even a small amount going a long way. If you’d like to tell us where you’d like your money to go, we will make it happen!

As a guide...


  • $10 will cover transport costs to surveys for the team for a whole week

  • $25 will pay our local community fisher's captain salary for taking us on a boat survey

  • $50 will cover food and accommodation for a Cambodian intern for a week

  • $100 will buy a new pair of survey binoculars for our team our community surveyors

  • $250 allows you to sponsor a dolphin and support one local fisher to record dolphin and dugong sightings as a community marine mammal scientist for a whole year

If you choose to donate, thank you so much for your contribution!

We would also greatly appreciate and accept donations of equipment!

Do you have any equipment, such as binoculars, cameras, GPS, or drones that you no longer use? Khmer Ocean Life would love to take them off your hands to use in our important conservation efforts. Please contact us if you wish to donate equipment.

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