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 Internships &

Are you interested in marine mammal conservation?

Do you think your skills could help outreach and marine conservation?

At Khmer Ocean Life you can develop and learn new skills through our selection of internships!

Whether you are a student, non-student, early career or someone looking for a new experience - We take volunteers & interns from all different backgrounds.

231026-KOL-AF-Land survey, Lokkaman-_FAV7644.jpg
231026-KOL-AF-Setting up the drone-_FAV7606.jpg

This internship will allow you to learn and develop your scientific research skills through conducting field and office based work, as well as outreach with local Khmer communities


Looking to try something new or out of your comfort zone?

Volunteering with a marine conservation NGO might be just what your need to open yourself to new experiences.

231026-KOL-AF-Land survey, Lokkaman-_FAV7644_edited.jpg
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