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Conservation Articles

Author: Rose Ellis

One of our two Co-Founders, Rose Ellis, has a passion for making science and conservation accessible for everyone. Through her writing, she explores how conservation is inextricably linked with many facets of the world around us, some less obvious than others.



Offsetting Explained: Can It Make a True Impact?

Carbon offsetting is being heralded by some as the saviour of our times and it’s easy to see why. But airlines and oil companies, for example, have inevitably jumped on the offsetting boat and it can seem all a bit hypocritical – some of the world’s biggest carbon culprits also being the most ‘eco’.



How Rising Whale Populations Can Inspire Our Conservation Efforts

Having faced an almost-extinction in the 20th century, increasing whale populations are proving the value of collaborative conservation. Rose Ellis investigates the interdependence between these sea mammals and the future health of our planet.



Periods and the Planet

Now more than ever we must end period poverty and end the menstrual shame that women feel. The disposable nature and content of mainstream period products are also contributing to environmental degradation, and this means ultimately our own. So, what can we do to help menstruators and our planet?



Why Female Empowerment and Conservation Are Inextricably Linked

From Zimbabwe to Nepal, women worldwide have been empowered through learning about conservation. Rose Ellis explores the natural female relationship to the Earth, and why protecting women and the planet go hand in hand.



Can Planting Trees Harm The Planet? It Depends How and Where It’s Done

With an increasing number of businesses and policymakers hailing tree planting as a carbon-cancelling quick fix, conservationist Rose Ellis investigates how to do it right, and why choosing the wrong species or location could actually cause further problems for the planet.



The Circular Textile Innovations Helping To Fix Fashion’s Waste Problem

Designing for a circular fashion system starts with the materials. From leather made from cactus plants to viscose engineered using textile waste, Rose Ellis looks into the latest textile innovations helping to close the loop.

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