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The Cambodian Marine Mammal Bycatch and Stranding Network

About the project 

The Cambodian Marine Mammal Bycatch and Stranding Network (CMMBSN) is working to understand and monitor the abundance, distribution, health, and threats on marine mammals along the coast of Cambodia. This nationwide program works with citizen scientists and FiA to respond to bycatch and stranded marine mammals (dead and live). 


What is marine mammal bycatch and stranding?


  • Bycatch is the incidental capture of non-target species such as dolphins, dugongs, marine turtles and seabirds.

  • Marine mammal stranding is when the animal is found dead on the beach or floating in the water, or a live animal is washed up on the beach and unable to return to the water. 


What can we learn from bycatch and stranding?


As bycatch is one of the main threats to marine mammals the data collected would help develop a policy or strategy to help protect or reduce the number of bycatch happening to marine mammals and other sea animals. At the same time, stranding data can provide important information like the seasonal distribution, health of the population, as well as threats to marine mammals. 


What should you do if you see bycatch or stranding marine mammals?


Please call your local Lead Community Responder or our team (+855 96 555 4106) or message us on our Facebook page. Do not approach the animal before calling and try to keep other people away.


Funding was secured through the Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction and funded by NOAA.

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