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About Us

Khmer Ocean Life works to research and conserve Cambodia's oceans, with a current focus on monitoring marine megafauna and engaging local communities. A lot of our work involves capacity building, to strengthen research and conservation efforts in Cambodia for years to come. All of the work of Khmer Ocean Life is conducted in close collaboration with the Fisheries Administration of the Royal Government of Cambodia. Our activities include: 

dolphin and dugong boat survey marine mammal resaearch ocean conservation binocluars local team

Observational Surveys 

We conduct weekly observational land and boat surveys as part of our long term monitoring program on abundance and distribution.

cambodia passive acoustic monitoring with a cpod sountrap to record dolphins and porpoises for research and scientific conservation

Acoustic Monitoring

We use acoustics monitoring (e.g. C-PODs, SoundTraps) to understand spatio-temporal distribution of cetaceans. 

Bycatch in cambodia of an endangered irrawaddy dolphin in a community stranding response network science

Strandings Response

We respond to marine mammal strandings along the Cambodian coastline.

community questionnaires and surveys done by local interviewer working with fishers for scientific research of marine mammals for conservation in cambodia

Social Science

We use questionnaires and interviews to access local traditional and ongoing ecological knowledge about Cambodian marine mammals. 

Khmer citizen scientist fishing community for dolphin and dugong sightings calendar

Citizen Science

We work with local fishers and companies to access their knowledge and enhance marine mammal sightings data.



We go into schools and communities to educate people on Cambodian marine mammals and their importance within the ecosystem!

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