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Ecological Research

Marine mammal research is conducted through:

Boat-based surveys - 

KOL uses distance sampling and photo-ID techniques to estimate the abundance and distribution of focal species.  Boat surveys are part of ongoing studies to assess population trends and seasonalities in Kampot. KOL collaborates with local fishing communities to be boat captains for these surveys.

KOL has partnered with PhD student Sarah Tubbs at Newcastle University to conduct a coastal-wide investigation into marine mammal abundance in 2024.

Land-based surveys - 

KOL conducts surveys from land-based stations to assess marine mammal abundance, distribution, seasonality and behaviours in Kampot, Cambodia.

Aerial surveys -

Using drones is an innovative solution to non-invasive marine mammal research. Funded by WWF The Netherlands, and in collaboration with SOS Dolfijn, KOL has launched an aerial project. The study focuses on Irrawaddy dolphin abundance in the Kampot Province. The drone team, Camée Knops and Nathan Nop, are currently in their fieldwork stage of the study.

231027-KOL-AF-Lokkaman and Rose at sea-_FAV7798.jpg
231108-KOL-AF-Drone trainning at Phnom Dong-_FAV8125.jpg
231026-KOL-AF-Land survey, Lokkaman-_FAV7645.jpg
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